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I am Akane, the vocalist in JAM-TAKO.
Our music provides very warm and melodious sound.
Makes all of your heart gentle and happy.
Feel free to enjoy our music at anytime.
Spend your marvelous time together with your dearest in our music.
You can experience our sound on the many sites of digital distribution companies.
For example, Apple iTunes, Amazon etc.
I hope you enjoy our music right now. Don't miss it !

Hi, here comes MIKI, the vocalist, keyboard player and song writer in JAM-TAKO.
When I was a child, I used to sing traditional songs with my mother, playing the piano.
As older, my elder brother opened the door to Rock music.
Always with so many heart warming music,
I am very happy to meet you through JAM-TAKO's lovely music.
With our best wishes!

I'm a leader in the band. I was born to be a drummer,
and loving play the guitar, the bass and the back vocal,
and so I am very busy playing in JAM-TAKO.
My career as a musician started when I was 13,
and playing Rock music over 30years. So, you got know my age ?
I had many experience of the session with famous musicians.
They very strongly inspired me to becoming a good musician.
Then, I'm in JAM-TAKO now.
It's very exiting thing that I'm a one of member in this great band !
So, I will never stop playing & song writing for JAM-TAKO in my time of dying ! Anyway, I love R&R !

JAM-TAKO, is the great rock band, which has female lead vocal,
and composed of three, all are former high school classmates.
Every member has so long playing career.
JAM-TAKO's music is so highly influenced by the 70's rock music.
Each member love R&R, Blues, Country, Folk, R&B etc,
deeply rooted by American traditional music.
JAM-TAKO creates original songs which produce something old and new atmosphere.
They bring you excitement, comfort, and so much love.
We swear you that JAM-TAKO produce supreme music more and more.
We are looking forward to see your ears and hearts soon.
Never miss JAM-TAKO's wonderful music !

Contact: jam_tako@yahoo.co.jp

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